Jzs Boca LLC

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jzs boca llc is company incorporated in Delaware with identification number of 5151827. Registration address: MILFORD, DE 19963. More details...

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Delaware company Jzs Boca LLC was rated 4.86/5 stars out of 5 (by 7 voters)
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Jzs Boca LLC


1. MILFORD, DE 19963

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Financial data and company documents

Sample data
Document type Document date Comments, notes
Annual Return 2012-12-30  
Return of Allotment of shares 2011-07-05  
Change of office address 2011-06-21  
Articles of company 2010-01-24  
Company incorporation documents 2010-01-22  

Directors, Secretaries and employees

Sample data
Full name Date Comments, notes
Mr. John P****o 2012-11-02  
Mrs. Sarah O**s 2011-08-05  
Mr. Greg K******i 2011-06-18  
Mr. David T*****a 2010-01-26  
Mr. Andrew M******o 2010-01-26  

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